We may not be moving on in the competition, but we had our best year ever in Brackets For Good! Three weeks, 87 donors, 228 donations... and a net of $33,804.15 raised! Thanks so much to our generous donors! We are blown away by your support!

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A look back at this year's competition.

Chris, Ashley, and Cassandra are brainstorming strategies for going against FACE Low-Cost Animal Clinic in Round 1 of Brackets For Good 2018--and they have a theory on why their opponent is so...
Ashley and Kate are pitching a new, cinematic strategy to Chris for Round 2 of Brackets For Good--but it doesn't go over so well. Help #TeamJustice make it to the Supported 16 in #BFG18 by...
Something strange is going on at the Legal Clinic... Help #TeamJustice make it past the Hamilton County Humane Society and into the Engaged 8 in #BFG18 by supporting pro bono legal services for...

A look back at the 2017 competition.

Staff Attorney Chase Haller is feeling pretty nervous about the cuteness factor of going against FACE Low Cost Animal Clinic in Round 1 of Brackets For Good 2017, so he seeks some advice from an expert, Tommy the Cat.

Ashley Caveda is ready for the Legal Clinic to take IndyHub by social network storm in Round 2 of Brackets For Good, but Chris Purnell has to clarify a few things.

Ashley Caveda runs into some of the Legal Clinic's Round 3 competition, Lynnea Walker Morse, during a trip to Exodus Refugee Immigration. Things get a little awkward. Help #TeamJustice make the Engaged Eight of Brackets For Good, which ends at 7:59PM on Friday, March 17th!