Civil Legal Advice Line

Because of the limited resources of the Clinic, we cannot always serve the whole State in the way we do in the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne Metropolitan areas. The Civil Legal Advice Line is a way for people that live in the more rural areas of our state to obtain quick legal advice on whatever issue they’re having.
— Matthew Gaudin, Staff Attorney

Are you outside of our Walk-In Legal Intake service area?
Though the majority of the Clinic's clients come from Central and Northeast Indiana, we provide services to clients statewide. For Hoosiers living outside our intake area, we offer a toll-free Civil Legal Advice Line.

Civil Legal Advice Line 1.877.230.7521
Monday | Wednesday | Friday
9AM - 5PM

An Attorney is on-hand to offer legal information and advice on: Bankruptcy, Consumer/Debt, Wills/Estates, Tax Controversies, Driver's License, Expungement, Family Law, Landlord/Tenant, and Housing/Foreclosure. 

Legal information and advice only. This is a free service.



Immigration Legal Advice Line 1.877.209.9457
Monday | Wednesday | Friday

An Attorney is on-hand to offer legal information and advice on: Asylum, U-Visa, and Family Petitions.

¿Tiene preguntas de inmigración?  Llámenos el lunes, miércoles o viernes de
9:00 AM-5:00 PM para hablar con un abogado. 

Hablamos Español. Información legal y asesoramiento solamente. Este es un servicio gratuito.