Justice, Faith & Power Video Series

This five-part video series explores the challenges faced by those who re-enter society after prison, as well as the power they can reclaim over their own lives through expungement and specialized driving privileges. 

This series first premiered as part of the 2017 Spirit & Place Festival in Indianapolis. Special thanks to RecycleForce and Brookside Community Church for partnering with us in this project.

Part 1 -- This is Dwight's story.

Part 2 -- This is Robin's story.

Part 3 -- This is Ed's story.

Part 4 -- This is Duane's story.

Part 5 -- This is Latosha's story.

To watch this series in its entirety, please visit the series playlist on our YouTube channel.

To learn more about Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic's free legal services for those with criminal records through Project GRACE, please visit our website.

Music "Pure Swell" by Podington Bear utilized and transformed in accordance with the Creative Commons License found here.