Courting Justice Podcast

One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.
— Bryant H. McGill

Courting Justice is a podcast created by Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic meant to enrich and inform our listeners. Every episode features our seasoned staff along with special guests, including social justice leaders and experts from our community partners.  We focus on issues of faith, justice, and their intersection with pro bono legal services.  Through our conversation, guests provide listeners with legal information and answers to common questions, sharing compelling and personal stories from their work as they go. We also invite our listeners to ask us questions via Twitter to help shape future podcasts. Share your thoughts now!

Meet our host, Ashley Caveda

Ashley received her undergraduate degree in English writing and Spanish from Butler University. She studied creative nonfiction in graduate school and received her MFA from The Ohio State University. Now, she works as the Creative Engagement Coordinator at Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. To connect with Ashley, follow her on Twitter @AshleyCaveda

Podcast Host - Ashley Caveda

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