Brackets for Good

Brackets for Good began in 2012 when a couple NCAA March Madness fans decided to create an engaging way to help raise money for Indianapolis non-profits.  They created an online bracket system that resembles the NCAA tournament.  Starting with 8 organizations, they raised $32,000 for the organizations.  In the 2nd year, they raised $85,000 for 16 organizations.

In 2014, there are 64 non-profit organizations that are set up in the bracket.  One non-profit organization is paired up against another.  The organization that raises the most money within the 1st round advances to the 2nd round.  All money raised goes to the organization and there are prizes for winning the tournament.  To find out more, here’s a link to a 60 second video about the competition [youtube=]

The Clinic is participating in Brackets for Good this year and it all begins tomorrow night. As you can tell, our staff is dressed and ready for the competition. If we are going to progress to the next round, we need your help!

Here are the ways you can get involved:

1)       Go check out our Fact Sheet HERE 2)       Simply share an email about our organization & the tournament 3)       Dress up in your sports jersey, snap a photo & share it on Facebook and Twitter, tag the Clinic, #BFG14 4)       Like our Facebook & follow us on Twitter 5)       Make a financial investment (between Feb 28th @ 8pm and March 7th @ 7:59pm) 6)       Make a financial pledge to play your donation strategically

*As always, be sure to like our Facebook  and follow us on Twitter at @NCLegalClinic *Keep your eyes out for ways to leverage your gifts through matching donations, mini contests, and more. *Please send any questions to Matt Meier at