Double Your Dollar: Wagner Reese Matching Gift

Here at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, our staff is in full swing of holiday cheer. From Christmas lights to sugar cookies to Secret Santa, this season is bringing us feelings of joy and hope. As if all that weren’t enough, one local law firm, Wagner Reese, has decided to match up to $10,000 in donations made by law firms, their staff members, and attorneys from now until Christmas! Thanks to Board member Jason Reese and his partner Stephen Wagner, every time a member of the legal community donates a dollar to the Clinic, Wagner Reese will also donate one dollar.

This isn’t the first time that Wagner Reese has helped the Clinic fulfill our mission—they have been generous supporters of the Clinic for the last three years.  We can’t thank them enough for their support, which has taken the form of volunteer service, in-kind donations, and financial gifts.  They have shown that they understand the importance of giving everyone, regardless of their income, access to justice.  If you work at a law firm, you have seen the powerful difference justice can make in someone’s life.

Of course, helping people overcome legal problems doesn’t just give them access to justice—it gives them hope for the future.  Clients who aren’t overwhelmed by the idea of navigating the legal system alone can begin to envision a future where they have less stress and are able to focus on providing for their families.  What better thing to share with someone during the Christmas season?

Would you consider making a donation to the Clinic this year to give families hope? Remember, your donation can go twice as far this year thanks to the generosity of our friends at Wagner Reese!  When you give, be sure to let us know that your gift qualifies for the match.  You can include a short note with your check, designate your online gift “in honor of” Wagner Reese, or email Development Coordinator Maggie Johnson ( to let us know!

A Message from the Staff: Cassandra Sanborn on Vision

  After I graduated from college, I started working as an AmeriCorpsVISTA member at another nonprofit in Indianapolis.  I loved what I did—writing grants and fundraising letters, researching best practices in donor management, and more.  The longer I was there, though, the more I found myself thinking only about the details of my day-to-day work.  How could I create the best grant budget?  How could I write a fundraising letter that would really connect donors to our mission?


Thankfully, I had an excellent supervisor.  She told me that sometimes when you have a deadline looming over you or when you’re worrying about a funder, it’s easy to forget why your work matters and what you’re really trying to do.  She reminded me to take the time to periodically think about our clients.

Thankfully, when I came to the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, I realized that even though I still have a tendency to get caught up in minutia, I am surrounded by people who make it hard to forget why we do the work we do.  Our staff members and volunteers care deeply about our clients and their wellbeing—they really want to see our clients thrive.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a group of empathetic people who are seeking to live out the instructions found in the Clinic’s vision statement, Psalm 82:3-4: “Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.  Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

I am grateful for my coworkers and for all of the volunteers that I see who demonstrate patience and compassion as they work to make a difference for our most vulnerable neighbors.