Community Development Corporations: Courting Justice Podcast Episode 2x04

What are Community Development Corporations and what is their role in your community? 

In this episode of Courting Justice, host Ashley Caveda speaks with Mike Bowling from Englewood CDC and David Cederquist from Brookside CDC, along with Clinic Executive Director Chris Purnell. Together, they address the above questions and share their stories of relational ministry within their communities, as well as the pitfalls of gentrification and how true community development can combat them.

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Homeless Youth: Courting Justice Podcast Episode 2x03

In 2011, according to the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention, 24% of all people experiencing homelessness were under the age of 24. In 2014, there were 354 homeless youth just in the Indianapolis area alone. What are the causes of youth homelessness? What are the unique challenges faced by homeless youth? And what services are available to assist those in need?

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