The Hidden Housing Crisis: A Message From Staff Attorney Chase Haller

Would it surprise you to learn that Indianapolis experiences 11,082 evictions every year, second only to New York City, a city of 8.5 million people? Every day in this city, 31.7 families are faced with the severe economic and emotional hardship that comes with an eviction.

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Serving Those Who Served Us

Since 2013, the Legal Clinic has partnered with Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) to meet the legal needs of homeless veterans in Indiana. Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, HVAF has come a long way from their first housing project when they established a residence for five homeless veterans. In 2017 alone, they served more than 1300. Bryan Dysert, Director of Programs and Services at HVAF, says, “[We have the] capacity to house 158 veterans on any given night. And while they’re in that program, they’re receiving case management services, employment services, legal services—really anything that they need to get back to self-sufficiency.”

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Community Development Corporations: Courting Justice Podcast Episode 2x04

What are Community Development Corporations and what is their role in your community? 

In this episode of Courting Justice, host Ashley Caveda speaks with Mike Bowling from Englewood CDC and David Cederquist from Brookside CDC, along with Clinic Executive Director Chris Purnell. Together, they address the above questions and share their stories of relational ministry within their communities, as well as the pitfalls of gentrification and how true community development can combat them.

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